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 Product Name silver nitrate
 Model No SIL007C
 Cas No. 7761-88-8
 Assay 99.5%
 Molecular Structural silver nitrate

Content: 99.5%min.     
Molecular Formula: AgNO3
Molecular Weight:169.87
Solubility reaction in water: Qualified
Density: 4.352
Melting Point(鈩): 212鈩
Boiling Point(鈩): 444鈩
Water Solubility:219 g/100 mL (20鈩)
Clarity test: Qualified
Copper (Cu), lead (Pb), Bismuth (Bi) : Qualified
Fe( Iron): 0.001% max.
Package: 1kG per black plastic bottle or 35KG/ black plastic drum
Note: Keep it from light.

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