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 Model No SIL145F
 Cas No. 355-42-0
 Assay 98%
 Molecular Structural PERFLUOROHEXANE
Molecular formula: C6F14
Molecular weight: 338.04
Appearance:colorless transparent liquid
Boiling point (760mmHg): 57鈩
Melting point :-81鈩
Specific gravity (25鈩) : 1.669g/ml(lit)
Refractive index(25鈩): 1.252(lit.)
Viscosity (16鈩): 4.1mPa.s

Uses锛欼n the electronics industry as a coolant and test bath medium. Non-toxic, non-ozone-depleting, inert reaction medium. 
Perfluorohexanes is used as a coolant, photosensitizer in fluorous biphasic singlet oxygenation and an inert reaction medium. It is used in the electronic cooling liquid and insulator. It plays a vital role as a reaction medium, especially for photooxidation reactions. Further, it finds application as an ultrasound contrast agent.     

Tetradecafluorohexane has been used:
as a fluorocarbon organic solvent in the preparation of temperature-induced phase-separation solution
to investigate boiling heat transfer mechanisms
as a photosensitizer in fluorous biphasic singlet oxygenation
as a novel reaction medium for photooxidation reactions 

Perfluorohexane uses and applications include: dispersant for lubricants, mold release agents, protective coatings; reaction media for polymerizations, purification, separation processes; solvent for removal of halogenated lubricants, oils, greases; carrier for halogenated material; for quick-cooling or freezing foods; heat-transfer fluid.

Because it is biologically inert and chemically stable, perfluorohexane has attracted attention in medicine. Like other fluorocarbons, perfluorohexane dissolves gases, including oxygen from the air, to a higher concentration than ordinary organic solvents. This effect is attributed to the weak intermolecular forces between perfluorohexane molecules, which allows "space" for gas molecules to partition into the liquid. Animals can be submerged in a bath of perfluorohexane without drowning, as there is sufficient oxygen available in the solvent to allow respiration to continue. This effect has led to the experimental use of perfluorohexane in treating burn victims, as their lungs can be filled with either perfluorohexane vapor or in extreme cases liquid perfluorohexane, allowing breathing to continue without the problems normally seen with pulmonary edema that sometimes occur when the inside of the lungs have been burnt e.g. by inhalation of hot smoke.

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