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 Product Name 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate
 Model No SIL300F
 Cas No. 2261-99-6
 Assay 96%
 Molecular Structural 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate
 Details: Name: 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate
Appearance:colorless transparent liquid
Molecular weight: 400.16
Molecular formula: C11H8F12O2
Boiling point: 112 °C
Density :1.536
Refractive index (19鈩): 1.349
Flash point: 57°C
Water :≤0.5%
Acidity(about methacrylic acid):≤0.5%
Solubility,wt%,20鈩僿ater: Not soluble in water,almost soluble in all organic solvent

1) It is a polyfluorine-containing monomer of polymers which may reinforce to resin’s performance. The polymers of1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate containing has excellent heat and chemical resistance , stain resistance , low refractive index, non-cohesiveness, water and oil repellency, electric insulating properties.and etc ,because it contains plentiful fluorine in its side chain, the weight ratio of fluorine in its molecular weight is 57% and atom ratio in its molecular is 40%.  The tranquilization is better than other monomers. The fluorine atom is very compact. In addition, the distance of the C-F bond is short and the bonding energy is higher than that of other bonds. This leads to a decrease in the cohesive energy between molecules and lowers the surface free energy of the polymer, thereby making the polymer less wettable and adhesive. It can easily copolymerize with other acrylate-type monomers, also can polymerize with polymers that have a reactive functional group in their side chain such as (meth)acrylic acid, hydroxyalkyl acrylate and hydroxyalkyl acryl amide

2) As 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate can easily copolymerize with other acrylate-type monomers, it is most suitable for formulating coatings. It is known that the chemical resistance water and oil repellency and weatherability of paint can be increased by copolymerizing 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate with acrylic monomer. . the paint film also had excellent impact resistance and adhesive properties when it cured in the room temperature.

3) 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate can polymerize with polymers that have a reactive functional group in their side chain such as (meth)acrylic acid, hydroxyalkyl acrylate and hydroxyalkyl acryl amide. Its use in thermosetting paint has been reported. And can cured in the room temperature in the present curing agent.It can be decrease in the gloss of the hardened paint film, and a chalking phenomenon or cracking can take place, these defects are caused by hydrolysis with moisture. Therefore, the problems such as durability and weatherability and stain resistance are thought to be solved by the copolymerization of 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate with others monomer.

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