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 Product Name 2-(Perfluorooctyl)ethyl methacrylate
 Model No SIL034F
 Cas No. 1996-88-9
 Assay 98%
 Molecular Structural 2-(Perfluorooctyl)ethyl methacrylate
MF: C14H9F17O2
MW: 532.19
Boiling point : 110 °C4 mm Hg(lit.)
Flash point: : >230 °F 
Density : 1.596 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index : n20/D 1.343(lit.)  
Chemical Properties锛Colorless liquid  

Uses锛Perfluorooctylethyl Methacrylate was used to prepare fluorinated latexes by polymerization of miniemulsions as fluorinated monomers.Along with Perfluorodecylethyl Methacrylate (P286590), Perfluorooctylethyl Methacrylate was one of the pollutants from Great Lakes studied.

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