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 Product Name N,N,N,’N’ -tetra(2-hydropropayl) ethylene diamine
 Model No SIL050E
 Cas No. 102-60-3
 Assay 75%,95%
 Molecular Structural N,N,N,’N’ -tetra(2-hydropropayl) ethylene diamine
EDTP ( Q75) (C14H32N2O4) 
N,N,N,’N’ -tetra(2-hydropropayl) ethylene diamine
CAS No. 102-60-3
Appearance: Clear colorless liquid
Density g/cm3 (20℃): 1.04~1.06
PH: 7.5~8.5
Refractive Index(20℃): 1.4470~1.4570
Application: It is soluble in water easily, its aqueous solution is weak alkaline, primary used as complex agent for electroless Copper plating.

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