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Products CAS No. Model No
Bis(benzene sulphonyl)-imide 2618-96-4 SIL001E
butyne-1.4-diol 110-65-6 SIL002E
2-Ethylhexylsulphate , sodium salt 126-92-1 SIL003E
allylsulfanate,sodium salt 2495-39-8 SIL004E
Sodium Vinylsulfonate 3039-83-6 SIL005E
Propynol ethoxylate 3973-18-0 SIL006E
Propargyl alcohol propoxylate 3973-17-9 SIL007E
Butynediol ethoxylate 1606-85-5 SIL008E
Chloral hydrate 302-17-0 SIL009E
Butynediol propoxylate 1606-79-7 SIL010E
Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulphobetaine 3918-73-8 SIL011E
Carboxyethylisothiuronium chloride 5425-78-5 SIL012E
S-Carboxyethylisothiuronium betaine 5398-29-8 SIL013E
Hydroxymethanesulfonic acid, monosodium salt 870-72-4 SIL014E
Pyridinium propyl sulfobetaine 15471-17-7 SIL015E
3-Prop-2-ynoxypropane-1,2-diol 13580-38-6 SIL016E
Sodium propynesulfonate 55947-46-1 SIL017E
1-Diethylamino-2-propyne 4079-68-9 SIL018E
propargyl alcohol 107-19-7 SIL019E
N,N,N,’N’ -tetra(2-hydropropayl) ethylene diamine 102-60-3 SIL050E
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